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Questionaries for Project Managers


What are your Project planning strategies?

How do you select a project team and assign their task?

What are the responsibilities of a Project Manager?

How System Analysis of the end-user is performed?

How do you estimate Project Time?

Are there any particular Cost Formula & Why?

What are terms and condition for the payment of the cost?

Which Process Model you frequently use and Why?

What are your Scheduling Tasks strategies?

How can you analyze Schedule Maintenance?

Any specification in selection a Tool and Program Language?

Does your Process model vary from customer & nature of project?

Any particulars between User & Program Interface?

How do you track and control the Process & Designing phase?

How do you Risk analyze and monitor a project?

What are your Quality standards and assurance?

How do you test & debug the errors and their solutions?

Before Deployment do you Beta-Test the software to the customer?

Do you provide the end-user with Technical documents & Study Manual?

For future Maintenance and support how do you response and assist the customer?

Are you providing any solutions to the corporate for Y2k Bug?