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Given Situation

 Federated Mortgages corporate information officer (CIO) is facing a budget dilemma. End-user have been buying microcomputers at an alarming rate. In a sense, the business users of these microcomputers, who have little or no CIS (Computer Information System) background, are developing their own applications systems.

 Because of this, the CIO has been asked to justify the continued growth of the budget, especially that of the programmers and the systems analysis staff. There is even some feeling that the number of the programmer and analyst should be reduced.

 How can the CIS manager justify the staff? Will the role of the programmers and analyst change? If so, how? Can the users completely replace the programmers and analyst?

 Identification Of Problems

Budget and revenue problem
Purchase of equipment 
Staff reduction
Alternative Solutions 
Report to high Authority

Survey and Study the Situation

CIO Manager first study the situation with Optimistic approah.

He arrange a meeting with his seniors and discuss the recent problem facing by the company.
He then discuss the latest situation of budget and revenue with the finace department
Then make a progress report of all the personal working in the company and their criteria of work.
Then proposed following measure to the Managing Authorities.

Measure To be Taken

Following proposed measures by Corporate Information Officer (CIO) should be taken.

Budget and revenue problem

Working days will be from Monday- Friday

Saturday will be a Off day of the company.

It will save electricity, telephone, gas

Reduce other expenditure

No overtime is allowed

No extra salary will be given for extra working hours

Fulfill your work at any cost before closing time

Reduce convence and medical allowance

No extra medical treatment fees provide by the company

Only limited allowances is payable to the higher authorities

No travel expenditure

No travel expenditure will be paid by the company

No new employee is hire

For the meantime no new staff shall be hire.

 Purchase of equipment

 No new equipment is purchase

 No new appliance or Hardware/Software is purchase for the mean time

Staff reduction

 Reduce clerkical and peon staff

 If possible reduce the extra staff

Alternative Solutions

If staff is not working with dicipline and dignity, he will issue them a warning letter.

Golden Shake Hand

An open Golden Shaken Hand oppurtunity is given to the staff members

Pending project must be completed

Pending clients projects will be completed as soon as possible

 More emphasis on Marketing to gain new customer

 New marketing strategies are develop

Offers more benefits to customers

 Loan request

 If the situation is become worst then apply for a bank loan.