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Recreation In Our Area

 Report Preparation & Survey By:

Aamir Abdul Rehman

Ali Mazahir Qamari


 We both members are living in the posh locality of Garden West, which is surrounded by Soldier Bazar and Golimar. This locality has good residents belonging to business community. It is neat and clean area consisting mostly of bungalows and apartments. Majority of residents of our area has good education background and keeps knowledge of basic health facilities. Hence we have both decided this topic "Recreation in Our Area", as there are ample of recreation and entertainment facilities in our area.

 After one gets exhausted from day’s work or if one wants to be amused or entertained there should be some means of recreation not far away from one’s residence so that he can get there and engage in some kind of pleasurable business and get refreshed physically as well as mentally.

 We live in Garden West and we are lucky enough to get these facilities in our area. AGA KHAN GYMKHANA, a well-known physical and mental training institute is a prominent one in our area. In our fitness club major facilities are provided here with a variety of exercise and body building machines. From dumb-bell to bench breast, T bar to incline, all the machines are latest and well maintained. All of these machines are in a large number to fulfill resident’s need. Inspite of high fees about 200/- rupees per month, large numbers of people are member of this club.

 The Gymkhana also has a karate class of boys and girls both. It offers many courses for different age groups. These classes are well known for its quality coaching in the area. The students having passed these courses are rewarded with different belts. There are two cricket grounds with a lush green outfield. The main ground is provided with floodlights, it is reserved for big tournaments for senior players. For example, Ramzan cup is one of the prominent cricket events played here. The other ground is meant for junior level cricket events. On contrary, to the main ground general public are allowed to play here and enjoy themselves.

 One of the features that make Aga Khan Gymkhana probably the best in the town is that it also provides the facility of tennis courts, which is a rare feature in other sports club. It has three tennis courts; all of them are well maintened. People not fond of playing all day long games like cricket, can come here and registered themselves and can play different games. Thrilling game football can also be played here. The football ground here is well built and has many facilities with a sitting capacity of about 280 peoples. Like cricket, football tournaments are also organized which draws a lot of attention of the participation.

 The gymkhana is not only a great place for outdoor games but Indoor games too are a big facility here. For snooker lovers, there is a special snooker club in a separate building for indoor games known as Indoor complex. Table tennis is also played by the people of all age. There are separate rooms for table tennis for boys and girls. They can come here on specified time and enjoy the game. Carum board, Chess and other games of this kind are provided in a specially designed room for children below the age of 15.

 Inspite of a large number of sports facilities, a Squash complex and a Hockey ground is really missed. On the request of many sport lovers in the area, these facilities are on the agenda of the gymkhana authorities and it will built soon.

 This is not only one mean of entertainment in our area but another most exciting place to be is Zoological Garden also called Gandhi Garden especially for young childrens. Animals have always been means of entertainment and pleasure for young children. As far as zoo garden is concerned it is the cheapest mode of entertainment in Karachi. There are large number of animals belonging to different parts of the world. One can move around the zoo and can wonder these creations of God. Especially, children enjoy a lot by looking at the animals and get amused by their feats. Elephants and horse riding also attracts people from all ages. Ghandi Garden is also famous for other means of enjoyment besides animals. There are a large number of rides from car racing to the most exciting circular ring rides. As far as parks are concerned, there is a beautiful one in our area called Aga Khan Park . It is a highly maintained park right next to our residence. People often come here in the morning for exercise but in the evening it portrays the picture of a heaven, children playing in the parks and breezing air with beautiful and mind-blowing odour of flowers blowing across the park has a pleasant and healthy effect. Altogether it’s a worth having place in one’s area. Due to all these facilities, we think our area is the best as far as recreation goes.


 Garden West is a locality full of entertainment facilities for the residents. The members of the council are working hard on new projects to build more clubs and library for the students. Government Authorities are too concerned on these projects. Special seminars and convocation are held to discuss the problems and their solutions of student commodity.

 By the effort of our council members the hygiene condition of parks and zoological garden has improve. The number of visitors at the zoo increased and new birds and animals are imported from different countries. Financial aid and funds are given for the maintenance of clubs and parks by the peoples. Hence by the efforts of all, still today Garden West has more recreation facilities than others do in the city.