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Project Management
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Software engineering is a methodology, used in developing and maintaining software. Software Engineering is the practical application of scientific knowledge in the design and construction of computer programs and associated documentation required to develop, operate and maintain.

Software Life Cycle

Software has a certain lifetime. It starts as somebody’s idea (or inspiration ) and endsup being absolute unsupported , unused and defunct .The normal stages of the software life cycle are

  1. Analysis.
  2. Design
  3. Specification.
  4. Operation
  5. Testing
  6. Implementation.

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Spiral Model

Spiral Model is couples the iterative nature of prototyping with the controlled and systematic aspects of the linear sequential model. It provides the potential for rapid development of incremental versions of the software.

Project Management

A project is a set of activities or tasks that must be completed to obtain some final result. Project management is the human activity to allow orderly completion of required activities or tasks in a minimum of time with minimum of resources.

Gantt Chart

When creating a software project schedule, the planner begins with a set of tasks. Efforts and approximate duration are tasks for achieving desire goal. Gantt charts are developed for the whole project. All project tasks are listed in the left hand column. The horizontal bars indicate the duration of each task.