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Modern Ways of Communication
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 Communication can be define as the "Flow of information from one point (the source) to another (the receiver). Communication occurs between a sender and a receiver. Written matter, sound, symbol, sign, expression all communicates and send some signals and information. Modern ways of communication such as Telecommunication and Data communication has played a significance role in the last decade of 20th century. Scientists are quite hopeful for receiving signals from Mars Satellite and wanted to communicate from outside world. The 21st century will be of Cybernetics. Network communication comprises of Teletex, Cellular, Internet, Intranet, and Ethernet communication.

 Sneakernet was the earliest way of computer network. For example, if you write a document and your friend wants to read it, then you have to store the document in a floppy disk and handed to your friend, the whole process of communication occurs electronically (storing file) and manually (delivery to friend). It is still today a valid way of communicating.

 Internet is a network connecting million of users and million of hosts or servers all over the world. It is the world’s largest network and often describes as Network of Networks. It communicates or interacts with user using a common language. No one as a single authority owns Internet. It has no President, Managing director or Officer. It just offers many services to the end-user.

 If we glance into the history of Internet, it was born about 25 years ago out of an effort to connect a U.S. Defense Department Network called ARPAnet. It was just an experimental network designed to support military research.

 We often ask to other that "Are you connected to Internet?" or "Do you have a Internet Line?" Internet connection is not just the Cable or Lead as for Dish Antenna programs, but it is a link to transfer or accept any data with the help of software and hardware resources, with the other computer user having similar or any other internet communication means.

 Internet address consists of four numbers. The numbers are separated by periods for e.g. wpe4.jpg (2328 bytes)

The Internet address is made of multiple parts. The starting of address tells the Internet Routers what network you are part of. The right end of the address tells that network which computer or host should receive it.

 The Internet is advancing with leap and bounds. Thousands and approximately millions of webwpe6.jpg (7531 bytes)site uploads each day. Every website should have a unique name, which can be easily understand and memorize by the users. For this criteria Domain Name System or DNS introduced. Some of the Domain Name and their meanings are illustrated. There are also around 300 country codes. For the ease of searching and sorting these country codes domains are very helpful.

 The World Wide Web or WWW is the information service. The web is based on a technology called hypertext, which allows documents to be connected, or linked, to one another. In order to navigate web, user need a Browser who is the intermediate source between the user and the network to retrieve or transferred information. Browser interprets and displays hypertext documents pointed by a link called hyperlink. Some named browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Communicator etc.

 Files, or pages, on the Web are interconnected. Pages can contain text, images, movies, sounds. These pages can be located on computers anywhere in the world. When we are connected to the Web, we have equal access to information worldwide. Each Web page, including a Web site’s home page, has a unique address called a Uniform Resource Locator (URL). It is an address that identifies a server on the network and a particular document on the server, for example,

 One of the main reasons the Web has grown so rapidly is the facility of on-line business and transactions. Sellers are introducing and buyers are purchasing the products without any face to face meeting. Some security matters are become top-priority globally and relative measures are to be considered.

 Another most remarkable feature and commonly used service on Internet are the facility of Electronic mail mostly known as e-mail. We often heard that in past centuries Animals, Birds, Symbols and Signs did that messaging. As the modern technology advances, we need an appropriate and quick reply.

 The e-mail address should be easy, it can be consist of alphanumeric characters. The last part after the @ sign is the server or ISP (Internet Service Provider) name. The e-mail message body has certain parts, which are TO, FROM, SUBJECT (sometimes optional) and BODY. You can also attach any sound, Image, text document with your e-mail. Cost and time for e-mail is quite minute versus postal delivery. For e-mail message you don’t need an envelope or postage stamp, you just need the e-mail address of the person to whom you are addressing. The security of e-mail is low and is the major drawback.

 Last but not the least, if you became quite interested after reading modern ways of communication, you have to just buy a Fax Modem, a telephone connection, install a software (browser), purchase some hours from any local Internet Service Provider (ISP), configure your server type and TCP/IP settings, enter your ID and Password and start surfing and e-mailing anywhere around the globe.